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'Pretty' termites do the most damage, study shows

Such "ugly" termites developed under stressful conditions, are short-lived and not very efficient at maintaining the colony. Thus, the older and larger the colony is, the prettier the termites are. And mature colonies can cause a lot more damage, said Chouvenc, a researcher with the UF Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. "If you have a mature colony with a million termites at 100 percent of their capacity, your house may be in trouble," Chouvenc said. check out the post right here"If the colony is very young, with just a few hundred termites in poor shape, then it would take more time for them to damage a structure. In the end, mature termite colonies are the ones doing the most economic damage." Plenty of economic damage, in fact. Asian subterranean termites are among the most damaging termites in the world, especially in the tropics, and represent a significant part of the $40 billion annual cost worldwide, Chouvenc said. This species was recently introduced in Florida and is spreading fast. In their quest to discover more about how the Asian subterranean termite brings up its young and how that impacts larval development, Chouvenc and UF/IFAS entomology professor Nan-Yao Su conducted a study in which they examined the symmetry of the soldier caste of the Asian subterranean termite. They studied 459 soldiers from 73 six-month-old colonies to see how well they nurtured the young termites. Younger colonies produced less-symmetrical termites, while more mature ones produced more symmetrical ones, the study showed.

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