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Ohio woman believed her crack cocaine was spider egg, police said

Rachel Mitchell, Westerville Ohio woman believed her crack cocaine was spider egg, police said When the woman got to the Westerville hospital, she gave the rest of the crack cocaine to a nurse, according to a police report Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window) WESTERVILLE, Ohio ( WCMH ) — A central Ohio woman who thought the crack cocaine a friend sold her was actually a spider egg has been charged in Franklin County court. Police said Rachel Mitchell, 45, checked herself into Mt. page Carmel St. Ann’s hospital in Westerville after smoking the crack cocaine. “After smoking the cocaine, Mitchell said that she felt like little spiders were inside her,” the investigating officer wrote in his report. “She thought that her friend sold her a spider’s egg instead of crack cocaine and that she inhaled baby spiders.” The report goes on to say that when Mitchell got to the hospital, she gave the rest of the crack cocaine to a nurse and asked her to check to make sure it really was the drug. The nurse reported it to hospital security, who then called police. The officer said he arrived and took possession of a cigarette box containing a glass pipe “with burnt ends” and a small white plastic container. He said there were two pieces of burnt copper mesh and a small white rock inside the box. The officer went into the room and spoke with Mitchell, who told him she wanted the hospital to run tests on the substance to make sure it was not a spider’s egg. Mitchell has been charged with possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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